The Best Branding Book Not About Branding

Although we don’t always realize it, language is all around us, working, constantly doing things. More often than not, this doing is the act of communicating. However, there are some cases where communication fades into the background and language—in the form of linguistic expressions—morphs into something different. When Saying Is Doing: Unlocking the Power of Language is an invitation to embark on an exploration into what language does; an exploration that will reveal that often times, language fails to do what we assume it does, and actually does more than we are prepared to acknowledge.

Join this journey and you’ll never think of language the same way again. You’ll not only be able to identify those instances where language fails to accomplish what is expected, and/ or accomplish more than anticipated, you’ll be armed with an understanding of language that penetrates how it functions above and beyond communication, an understanding that goes to the heart of how language impacts and shapes our everyday lives, an understanding that will enable you to tap into and wield the hidden power of language and gain an unprecedented amount of control and influence on the perceptions of who you are, who you’ve been, and what can become.

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