A Novel Approach to Understanding Branding

Sid Sparks appears out of nowhere and quickly rises from a virtual nobody to a world-renown motivational speaker and life coach to the stars. He touches the lives of millions with an empowering message of hope that amasses a cult-like following. Unfortunately, it isn’t long before his new found notoriety snares him into controversy. He’s stalked by a mystery man from his past that can undermine everything he’s trying to accomplish. He becomes the target of a worldwide religious coalition that questions the nature of his message and declares him a false prophet. And then at the height of his fame, he vanishes from the public eye just as suddenly as he appeared.

Sparks’ disappearance fuels a lot of speculation about who he really is and why he disappears. Many suggest foul play. Now the speculations can stop. Tammy Simms, his personal assistant and long-rumored girlfriend, has finally decided to break her silence. She was there for every step of his meteoric rise and spares no detail in this tell-all memoir. Discover how Sparks built his multi-media empire, learn intimate details about what he did on the eve of his disappearance, and find out the shocking truth about who he was and what was really driving his message.

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