The G.A.N.G.S. Coalition’s mission is to end systems that target, surveil, harass, and criminalize the association of young Black and Latinx people, and advance harm-reducing investments and community-based programs that are proven to make neighborhoods safer.  The criminalization of gangs, crews, and association is often based on housing location, particularly NYCHA developments, and is a continuation of a long-standing practice of racist enforcement.

The G.A.N.G.S. Coalition is fighting to:
  • Abolish gang databases of any kind and stop the labeling people as “gang” or “crew” members.
  • Stop the use of gang allegations in connection with criminal prosecutions (whether pre-trial, during trial, or at sentencing).
  • Discontinue all “focused deterrence” and other “precision policing” initiatives.
  • Stop the use of militarized pre-dawn raids to conduct “gang takedowns.”
  • Counter theories of guilt by association, including the use of state and federal conspiracy and RICO charges in street gang and crew cases.
  • End the use of social media monitoring and other forms of digital surveillance.
  • Invest in credible messenger programs and expand resources for gang-involved people.
  • Divest from policing and invest in public health programs, sustainable housing, employment development, schools, conflict transformation and alternative accountability models like restorative justice.
  • Ensure oversight bodies investigate and audit current gang suppression practices by the NYPD, as well as its collaboration with local and federal prosecutors.
  • Increase privacy protections and prevent police from gathering and disseminating information about people based on association.
  • Create mechanisms to encourage and help to empower youth street gangs and crews to engage politically to advocate for community resources and opportunities.