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Personality Branding

We'll help you identify, cultivate, and develop the various personality narratives that capture who you are.

Employment Branding

We'll help you mine your experiences, interests, and skills to identify and cultivate your career objective and aspiration narratives.

Business Branding

We'll help you identify and cultivate your mission, goals, objectives, products, services, and target demographic narratives.

Web Development

We'll develop a professional website that captures and conveys the spirit of your brand.

Our Work

Full-Life Branding

Discursive Brand Consulting is what we call full-life branding firm. We consult on everything from cultivating employment brands, dating brands, basic social-personality brands, to social-media brands and more. We support this full-life brand consulting with web development and various writing/editorial services.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every aspect of our lives can be approached from a context of self-branding, and we take a discursive approach to helping people create and cultivate their various life brands.

Web Projects

In collaboration with Atlas Digital Group

Full-Life Branding Has Arrived

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